What is this?

This is a sub torrent website. These all torrent files don’t belong to us. So, we have no database.           Our “Cynthia” means “Luna” and “To be sincere”.

We didn’t install these files, please check it yourself. Then, use it on your own responsibility!


  1. This website uses cookies to take statistics of your nationality. Please consideration to it.
  2. Maybe torrent files include spyware. If you were damaged by it, we wouldn’t have liability.


What is purpose?

Our purpose is only one. To investigate broad economy. To the last, we are onlookers.

Recently, Japanese sub culture is widely noticed in USA, Armenia, Chinese, Germany, Russia, and so on… That’s why we use popular torrent. But, this mean is exceedingly hazardous.

 We found any portent of diplomatic issues at an early stage of investigation.


What is torrent?

Torrent is peer-to-peer network system. It is used general at Company or college database.



This writer “Lazarus”,  I’m Armenian. Though not quite satisfactorily, I can write five or more languages.

Provision of information “Synthia”, she is Asian hacker.

And, other cooperators(Designer, management consultant, lawyer)

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